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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Various Artists - RooArt Youngblood 3

Australian radio station Triple J used to (and may still) have a competition for unsigned bands. The winning bands would receive a live radio session, be featured on the Youngblood compilation series on released by Australian label RooArt, and also potentially win a recording contract with RooArt.

This post features the third installment of this series. This LP is notable for two reasons: it features the first releases of two bands who have previously graced the hallowed (virtual) pages of this here blog (The Underground Lovers and hometown (Adelaide) band The Mandelbrot Set); it also features a few other bands that had some success (The Sharp, Custard, Ripe, Caligula, The Fauves) on the Australian music scene. Which says a fair bit about the judgment of the people who put this album together.

As far as these albums go it's pretty good. But since I wanted to feature The Underground Lovers and The Mandelbrot Set (especially since the latter's post has generated the most comments on this blog), I've included their tracks as separate downloads in addition to the entire album.

Various Artists - RooArt Youngblood 3

1. Rainyard – Technicolour Blind
2. The Underground Lovers – Ripe (FLAC, MP3)
3. The Welcome Mat – Stationary Blur
4. The Mandelbrot Set – Dream So Hard (FLAC, MP3)
5.  Ripe – Gaze
6. The Fauves – Wilding
7. Circle – World´s Delight
8. Sex Industrie – Jailbreak
9. The Lab – Heaven
10. Caligula – Wardrum
11. Custard – Rockfish Anna
12. The Sharp – I Know You
13. Glide – Fade
14. Snow Leopards – Coco Pops

FLAC: Pt1, Pt2, Pt3, Pt4


  1. I am trying to download Snow Leopards Coco Pops alone. The FLAC and MP3 links above don't seem to open - can you help?

  2. please imlooking thisrcords please upload