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Friday, January 28, 2011

Wilco - The Wilco book CD

The Wilco book is a scrapbook of photos, essays and musings describing the creative process of recording the A Ghost Is Born album. The book comes with a 12-track companion CD illustrating these processes, and contains both fully formed songs and experimental pieces. Among the fully formed songs are a few gems. Hummingbird is recorded in the style of Yankee Hotel Foxrot, and to these ears is much better than the A Ghost Is Born version. What Good Am I, The High Heat and the instrumental Diamond Claw are up there with Wilco's best work. The experimental pieces consist of sound collages, and songs diverging into musical territory resembling that of Wilco side project Loose Fur.

Wilco - 2004 - The Wilco book CD

1. Pure Bug Beauty
2. This is New
3. Diamond Claw
4. This is New (The Explanation)
5. What Good Am I
6. Here Comes Everybody
7. Hummingbird
8. The High Heat
9. Doubt
10. Barnyard Pimp
11. Rottnest
12. Hamami

FLAC Pt1, Pt2, Pt3


  1. Thanks for this unusual Wilco collection.
    As for the lack of comments..., sad but true, the majority of musicblog visitors find this 'too much work/effort' :(

  2. Thanks for this--Wilco are an excellent band -much appreciated!!

  3. Thank you! My great fortune to have stumbled across your wonderful blog.

    - DC

  4. Thank you! As a musician, these kinds of collections always fascinate me, because they are windows into the creative process.

  5. Thanks ElementaryPenguin, couldn't agree more. It may be Wilco's trash, but it's treasure to me!