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Friday, May 20, 2011

Seam - Headsparks

Seam were a three piece-band slacker-pop/alternative band led by former Bitch Magnet frontman Sooyoung Park.

Seam recorded four albums between 1991 and 1999, including their debut album and subject of this post, Headsparks. This album featured original drummer Mac McCaughan, who was a fully paid up member until his departure due to the increasing demands of his "day job" as Superchunk vocalist/guitarist.

The Bitch Magnet and Superchunk references are somewhat misleading, and do not accurately reflect the Seam sound, which ranged from atmospheric guitar washes with subdued melodic vocals reminiscent of Built to Spill and Sebadoh, as illustrated by Decatur, Feather, Granny 9x, to more straightforward driving punk-lite such as Grain, Pins and Needles and Shame, the latter featuring Velocity Girl front-woman Sarah Shannon. 

Seam - 1992 - Headsparks

1. Decatur
2. Sky City
3. Grain
4. Pins and Needles
5. Feather
6. Atari
7. King Rice
8. New Year's
9. Shame
10. Granny 9x

FLAC Pt1, Pt2, Pt3


  1. I'm beginning to think we should just get married. Our combined album collection would be large enough to block the sun. This one made my night. I still have one Seam album from back in the day but it's not this one, so yay!

  2. Sounds good to me. But before we marry I'd like to know where I sit in relation to your actual husband and your future husband Langhorne Slim? And we'd need a pre-nup - I don't want you ending up with any of my albums when we divorce!

  3. wow thank you. looked for this in flac for long time

  4. Thanks Amin. Let me know if there's anything else you've been after. If I've got it I'll post it.

  5. Good to see that someone actually remember this band. I saw them live in Paris where they opened for Yo La Tengo and they were great, been looking for this on FLAC and even MP3 for a while. So thanks !!

  6. Hi, is there supposed to be a part3 for the FLAC file? The link is not showing :(

  7. leakingwate, indeedee there is supposed to be a part3 - now fixed. Thanks for the heads up.