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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Trouble - Self titled

I was a teenage metalhead.

Sounds like the name of a B-grade movie I know! And I denied it for about 15 years afterwards!! But now I'm totally unhip and I don't care!

When I listen now to the metal bands I used to listen to I generally cringe! And the bands that don't make me cringe don't move me at all.

There are a few exceptions, but I can count these on one hand.....hmmm, maybe two hands....but I can guarantee I don't need to remove my shoes for this exercise.....

Two exceptions have previously been featured on this blog: Sea Hags and Saigon Kick - although some will argue the latter aren't metal, while I got into the latter during the grunge era when my metal daze were done.

Speaking of metal daze, I still dig old Manowar - i.e. the first four albums. Death to false metal!! Tthough the loincloths still don't do it for me!

Another metal band I dig is the subject of this post, the mighty Trouble.

Trouble are not your average heavy metal band. They preach a positive message - none of this hot chicks, black magic or rebel without a cause bullshit. They don't rely on power chords, shred guitar solos, or any other typical, odious metal devices. Their sound revolves around the unique guitar work of guitarists Bruce Franklin and Rick Wartell, who I often (ineptly) describe as taking Thin Lizzy's melodic dual lead guitar ethos and apply it to rhythm guitar using the low notes on "detuned-to-D" guitars. The result is a deep and resonant sound with psychedelic overtones. But last, and possibly most importantly, they swing like a dog's bollocks! They hark back to a time when heavy metal was still a relative of the blues - think Cream, and Master of Reality era Black Sabbath - both relevant examples, given that Trouble covered the formers Tales of Brave Ulysses on a early single, and frequently covered the latter's Children of the grave live.

Trouble released three albums on Metal Blade. Their first two albums, the self titled debut (now referred to as Psalm 9) and The Skull, are superb, singlehandedly starting the doom metal sub-genre. Their third album, Run to the Light, was a lackluster affair, and it looked like the bands was in danger of being made redundant by the hip and happening new sounds of the hair and thrash metal hordes. But they were rejuvenated by a white knight - Rick Rubin, who signed the band to his new label, Def American. The band then recorded their second self titled LP, and subject of this post, with Rubin at the helm. And as he did on Slayer's meisterwerk Reign in Blood, Rubin raised the bands sound to a new level of clarity without sacrificing any of the depth, power or soul.

Opener At the End of My Daze is a mid-tempo shuffle with a chugging riff and great dual lead guitar break. The Wolf starts with more great dual lead guitar, before metamorphosing into a fast tempo rocker. Psychotic Reaction and A Sinner's Fame revolves around infectious guitar riffs that swings like hell. The Misery Shows (Act II) is the token heavy metal power-ballad, except better than most, with a great psychedelic feel. R.I.P. starts of at funeral pace before metamorphosing into a faster tempo track with some tasteful lead guitar breaks. Heaven on My Mind and E.N.D are mid-tempo chuggers. All is Forgiven starts off at a fast pace, with a change to a slower tempo after two minutes, leading into an excellent extended dual lead guitar break that provides a fitting end to this excellent album.

Trouble - 1990 - Self titled

1. At the End of My Daze
2. The Wolf
3. Psychotic Reaction
4. A Sinner's Fame
5. The Misery Shows (Act II)
6. R.I.P.
7. Black Shapes of Doom
8. Heaven on My Mind
9. E.N.D
10. All is Forgiven

FLAC Pt1, Pt2, Pt3

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  1. Enjoyed this. Being introduced to "metal" music by my cousins in the middle 70's. Loved Black Sabbath, Montorose and Uriah Heap but always liked finding more non main stream sounds. This one is a keeper!