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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hater - Self titled

Hater was a side-project formed by Soundgarden's Ben Shepherd and Matt Cameron, with former Monster Magnet guitarist John McBain. The band's self titled debut album also featured Devilhead bassist John Waterman and vocalist Brian Wood, brother of the late (and sadly missed) Mother Love Bone/Malfunkshun vocalist Andrew Wood.

Despite featuring Soundgarden personnel, the Hater sound bore little resemblance to Soundgarden, being based around Nuggets approved psychedelic garage rock sound with a liberal dose of humor (shock horror! Seattle band in humor shock!). However, elements of the Hater sound later emerged in Soundgarden's sound.

Opener Mona Bone Jakon is a relaxed mid-tempo romp through the Cat Stevens track, featuring Shepherd's deadpan but alluring vocals. Who Do I Kill? follows a similar vein. Lion and Lamb is a psychedelic instrumental featuring atmospheric mellotron.

Tot Finder, Roadside and Putrid feature Brian Wood on vocals, and perhaps unsurprisingly sound like Malfunkshun outtakes.

Down Undershoe and Blistered are the most Soundgarden-like tracks on the album - Soundgarden of the Down On the Upside future that is, with the former resembling Dusty, and the latter featuring eat-shit bass reminiscent of Ty Cobb.

Circles is a rapid-fire garage punk. Closer Sad McBain, arguably the standout track, is a mid-tempo cruncher featuring psychedelic freakout guitar, with Cameron's lyrics humorously poking fun at McBain ("Sad McBain, sad refrain, sounds the same, should be ashamed!").

Hater - 1993 - Self titled

1. Mona Bone Jakon
2. Who Do I Kill?
3. Tot Finder
4. Lion And Lamb
5. Roadside
6. Down Undershoe
7. Circles
8. Putrid
9. Blistered
10. Sad McBain

FLAC Pt1, Pt2, Pt3

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