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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Mandelbrot Set - A place called Kansas

In response to a request on my other blog The Lucid Ocean diaries, here is the debut release from Adelaide early nineties indie pop darlings The Mandelbrot Set.

And it's pretty damn good too! Not as good as my personal faves The Happy Patches two releases, but the Mandelbrots were the band who secured the much sought after record deal - with Aussie Independent RooArt, then riding on the crest of the enormous success of Ratcat.

These guys were all pretty young, in their late teens/early twenties - or at least they looked like it!

A place called Kansas is an amalgam of the shoegazer pop of the era and classic indie-pop fair such as The Smiths and REM. The instrumental title track, Massive and Lush fall into the former category, while the remaining tracks fall into the latter. Although I'm a shoegazer tragic, I prefer their indie-pop songs - in particular Landslide and I Swan. But I thought Lush was such a great track that I rewrote it for my own band Lucid Ocean!

The Mandelbrot Set recorded a second EP for RooArt, an New Order like electropop/dance record which contained little of the charm (or tunes) of their debut, before promptly disappearing off the face of terra firma!

Check the bands myspace page for more tracks/photos.

The Mandelbrot Set - 1992 - A place called Kansas

01 - A place called Kansas
02 - Landslide
03 - More than happy
04 - Massive
05 - Julia
06 - I Swan
07 - Lush


UPDATE: 17/03/2012 - track 2 of the FLAC is apparently unreadable. An updated version of this track is available here.


  1. Wonderful post. Thank you very much!

  2. fantasticccccccccccc
    thanks 1000 thanks

  3. ...is it 1986 again?

    This is rather lovely...cheers Ralph!

  4. Hey, can you reupload this one in flac?. Thanks for the great material

  5. thank you!!!do you have the self-titled ep in lossless?

  6. Sorry anonymous, I don't have the self-titled EP...but I'll see what I can do.

  7. This seems really cool but win rar keeps telling me that the second track is damaged. Is there a way to fix it?

  8. Buttbuttbutt, I'll repost track 2 separately if you tell me whether it's the MP3 or FLAC that's the problem.

  9. i'm sorry, i didn't specified which one, lol. I was talking about the FLAC file. thank you so much.

  10. ButtButtButt, the second track is now available at