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I undertake this venture knowing that I don't have the spare time to do it, but feel that these artists NEED TO BE HEARD (please excuse my shouting!). Or is that I think I need to be heard? Or that there are (or have been) some great music blogs that have inspired me to wanna jump on the bandwagon? Probably all of the above??I hope you enjoy the blog. If I turn one person onto these bands that turned me on then it will all have been worth it!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Lou Reed & Metallica - Lulu

The Lulu album has been out for a while. To say the album has polarised people's opinions would be inaccurate - from my observations, everyone hates it - from the goatee-bearded metal dudes right down to the cerebral Lou Reed tragics, some of who were appalled enough to send Lou death threats!

All of which, being perverse as I am, made me wanna dig it!

I've gave it a few (virtual) spins a month back and was impressed. But given my comment above, I suppressed my urge to recommend the album until I was sure I liked the album for the right reason.

Since then, I've heard the album a few more times, and also managed to catch the performance Lou and Metallica gave on Rockpalast (from which the YouTube clip above arose). And I finally feel like I can rave for all the right reasons.

But I need to provide some background - I've been a huge fan of both Lou and Metallica at different times in my life.

As a teenage metal dude, Metallica were the beez kneez. They revolutionised mid-eighties heavy metal, but somewhere along the line metamorphosed into Spinal Tap! The turning point was probably the death of bassist Cliff Burton. He was the X-factor. After his death, Metallica became just. another. metal. band.

Around this time my musical horizons were expanding, and I finally found the Velvet Underground, and later Lou's solo albums - and Berlin remains one of my favorite albums to this day.

So I approached Lulu as a fan of both artists - albeit a fan who felt that neither had recorded any decent material for over twenty years! And maybe being a fan of both is the key to liking the project?

I've included the link to the soundtrack of the Rockpalast performance below. Much as I like the performance of the songs from Lulu, the version of White Light, White Heat is truly appalling - it's been Metallicarized, and Lou's vocals are woefully out of tune. Included for interests/completists sake only!

As usual, I welcome people's opinions, but hold back on the death threats, please!

Lou Reed & Metallica - 2011-11-11 - Cologne, Germany

1. Iced Honey
2. The View
3. Mistress Dead
4. The Dragon
5. Junior Dad
6. White Light, White Heat


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