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UPDATE: Mediafire have suspended my account and locked my downloads. Having endured the tedium of re-uploading everything I had previously hosted on Mega Upload onto Mediafire earlier this year, I can't be arsed re-uploading everything again.

So please don't ask for things to be reuploaded!

I undertake this venture knowing that I don't have the spare time to do it, but feel that these artists NEED TO BE HEARD (please excuse my shouting!). Or is that I think I need to be heard? Or that there are (or have been) some great music blogs that have inspired me to wanna jump on the bandwagon? Probably all of the above??I hope you enjoy the blog. If I turn one person onto these bands that turned me on then it will all have been worth it!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Flaming Lips - 2009-08-28 - Splendour in the Grass, Byron Bay

Feeling a bit lazy today, so a quick post to tide things over until my next post, featuring the kings of feelgood pop, the Red House Painters!

Not that I should need any excuse for posting this gem....

Flaming Lips
Splendour in the grass
Byron Bay, Sydney, Australia

Triple J Live at the wireless

01. Silver Trembling Hands
02. Do You Realise


03. Interview (34 min)


From Triple J's website - split into three seperate files, with annoying DJ removed.

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