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Monday, February 21, 2011

Red House Painters - Rollercoaster

The Red House Painters played folk-rock which somehow simultaneously managed to be both maudlin and strangely uplifting. Their introspective and self pitying lyrics about doomed relationships made them darlings of the teenage angst brigade. But there's alot more interesting going on here than introspection for the sake of it.

Although vocalist Mark Kozelek grew up listening to 1970's hard rock, it is impossible to trace any influence from this genre on the bands work. However, this influence must lurk somewhere beneath the surface, and this is perhaps one of the many intangible factors that makes the bands work so compelling. When the 1970's hard rock influence did manifest itself, in the guise of a cover of Kiss' Shock Me, and later in Kozelek's solo album of AC/DC covers, What's Next To the Moon, the songs were unrecognisable, but also as strong and compelling as the originals.

Rollercoaster, the bands second album, was the first of two self-titled albums, and become known as Rollercoaster owing to the sepia photograph of a dilapidated rollercoaster on the cover. It was released as a double-vinyl LP and clocks in at just under 80 minutes. Despite the length, there is no drop in quality or intensity throughout this remarkable album.

The album kicks of with the Grace Cathedral Park, a joyous, folky tune which gives little indication of what is to follow. Katy Song starts with first-album Smiths-like arpeggiated guitar picking, and slowly builds in intensity on the back of a distorted guitar soundscape. Mistress appears in two different guises - a full band version with arpeggiated guitar picking over subdued distorted guitar emphasising the melodic aspects of the song, and a piano/vocal version emphasising the haunting aspects.

Funhouse, an ironic song title if ever there was one, is funeral paced, starting with arpeggiated guitar picking. After five minutes a distorted guitar appears out of nowhere, and becomes progressively more discordant as the song builds towards it's climax. Take me out is another joyous, folky tune based around strummed acoustic guitar chords. New Jersey features arpeggiated guitar picking and vocals only. This song resurfaced in a full band version on the following (second self titled) album.

Mother, the album's climax, is funeral paced, haunting, and lengthy, clocking in at a mere 13 minutes. The lyrics are either melodramatic or heavy going depending on your frame of reference - essentially a grown man at the end of his tether crying out to his mother! Strawberry Hill is a wall of sound, giving Kozelek the chance to extend his vocal range.

Red House Painters - 1993 - Self titled

1. Grace Cathedral Park
2. Down Through
3. Katy Song
4. Mistress
5. Things Mean a Lot
6. Funhouse
7. Take Me Out
8. Rollercoaster
9. New Jersey
10. Dragonflies
11. Mistress (Piano Version)
12. Mother
13. Strawberry Hill
14. Brown Eyes

FLAC pt1, pt2, pt3, pt4, pt5


  1. Great post - one of my all time fave bands.. Their first album is just stunning, and this ain't bad neither.
    I saw them in Birmingham UK under really bizarre circumstances - the venue couldn't sell booze and so gave it away...so by the time the band came on, the entire room was roaring drunk, whick Mark K didn't appreciate at all. At some stage, the lighting guy tried to use some flashing lights, which got a less than favourable response from the band. And when a puff of dry ice emerged, Mark responded with a curt 'We're not Pink Floyd!' After about 30 minutes, he'd had enough and the band trooped off. One of the weirdest gigs I've ever attended!

  2. I had a similar experience when Kozelek played solo in Adelaide about 10 years ago. He played in a pub that had a front bar and a band room. He was playing in the band room, and kept on complaining about the noise from the front bar - which none of the audience cared less about. After about 50 minutes he'd had enough and stormed off. I should have felt annoyed but 1) it was novel as it was the first rock star tantrum I'd seen, and 2) the guy's a genius, and sometimes you just have to accept that genius and intolerance are flip sides of the same coin!

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