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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Straitjacket Fits - Blow

My first encounter with New Zealand band Straitjacket Fits was hearing Down In Splendour in the early 90's. This song was a alternative pop hit in Australia, and was played incessantly on youth radio station Triple J. And I HATED it with a passion! So I was apathetic when I heard Straitjacket Fits would be playing the 1994 Big Day Out festival tour of Australia.

Since a few of my then fave bands (Soundgarden and Smashing Pumpkins) were playing the BDO, I decided to attend three of the shows, those in Melbourne, Sydney and my hometown of Adelaide. Since there were no other bands I wanted to see while Straitjacket Fits played at the first BDO show, I thought I'd begrudgingly watch them - and it was a revelation! So much so that by the third BDO show they were the band I was most eager to see. The set they played at the BDO shows was largely derived from the Blow album featured in this post.

Straitjacket Fits had their own unique sound - a sound difficult to describe, so I won't try! They fit within the broad sphere of indie/alternative, but they were not afraid to expand out into other areas - two of the excellent singles being a case in point. Cat Inna Can has a rockabilly feel, and is noticeable for using "da da das" and "meow meows" without detracting from the song or sounding kitsch or camp - no mean feat! And If I were you has relaxed, jazzy vocals over a reggae rhythm.

Blow kicks of with Done, a raucous and joyous song with a gonzoid riff, distorted vocals, guitar feedback and great dynamics - an indication of a band at the peak of it's powers. Brother's Keeper is fast paced and urgent, with the lead guitar following the vocals to great effect. Burn it up is a slow and brooding. Spacing is sparse and atmospheric, with a jazzy vocal feel, rolling tom-tom beat and guitars drifting in an out. Every song is short and concise, clocking in at under three and a half minutes.

My only criticism of the album is that the awesome Whiteout, arguably the highlight of the BDO shows, was left off the album - though it is available on the Done single.

Straitjacket Fits - 1993 - Blow

1. Done
2. Falling
3. Brother's Keeper
4. Cat Inna Can
5. Burn It Up
6. Joyride
7. Train
8. Let It Blow
9. If I Were You
10. Turn
11. Way
12. Spacing

FLAC Pt1, Pt2, Pt3

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