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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Arbouretum - Song of the Pearl

For this post I thought I'd look at my old posts and download stats and see what was well received. Two things struck me:

First, the number of self titled (i.e. debut albums) featured. I could write for many hours on this topic, but I don't want to bore you, dear reader. Suffice to say, there is probably some truth in the old adage about bands having their whole lives to write their first album and a few months to write their second.

Second, the lack of posts from this millennium. The last things I want, dear reader, is for you to think I am a old fuddy-duddy who thinks everything was better in the past. Because this ain't the case! There's plenty of great music around these day. But one advantages of posting long forgotten obscure albums is that they are generally out of print, so I feel safe in the knowledge that I'm not gonna be hauled over the coals by artists or their reps (e.g. management, labels) - which is what happened with my (now deleted) King's X post.

So for this post I looked for something that didn't fall into either category.

I also looked at what album had the most downloads: Rites of Uncovering by Arbouretum. This has been downloaded a staggering 790 times, yet has not received a single comment! This is a topical issue - see Rushbo's rant and the resulting comments. As usual, Rushbo and his readers have hit the nail on the head. I realise that some low life(s) may well be leaching of my download link, but even if a tenth of the downloads came from reading my post, 79 downloads and no comments is pretty pathetic.

Anyhow, here we have Arbouretum's third album, Song of the Pearl. This is another potent mix of elemental blues, folk, gospel and psychedelia similar in sound to Rites of Uncovering, but with more concise songs. There are fewer of the long instrumental breaks and tortured guitar solos that made Rites of Uncovering so absorbing. The first half is generally slow tempo and sparse, while the second half is rhythmically more dynamic.

Opener False Spring is mid-tempo and sparse, with a great tortured guitar solo featuring sounds that you shouldn't be able to extract from a guitar. Down by the Fall Line has minimal percussion, arpeggiated guitar, and spooky guitar feedback. Song of the Pearl is folky, with atmospheric string accompaniment.

Thin Dominion features a rolling tom beat played atop a standard rock beat, and has a subtle funk feel. Infinite Corridors is faster, with Mitch Mitchell like drumming, frenzied duelling guitar solos, a second reverb soaked guitar solo, and a false ending. The Midnight Cry has minimal percussion, yet is propelled urgently by rhythm guitar, with a second rhythm guitar appearing for short bursts, and a great guitar solo that sounds like bagpipes (or is it Irish pipes?). The album closes with the atmospheric and funeral paced Tomorrow is a Long Time.

Another excellent album. Not quite as good as Rites of Uncovering  - but how many albums are that good?!

Arbouretum - 2009 - Song of the Pearl

1. False Spring
2. Another Hiding Place
3. Down by the Fall Line
4. Song of the Pearl
5. Thin Dominion
6. Infinite Corridors
7. The Midnight Cry
8. Tomorrow is a Long Time

FLAC: Pt1, Pt2, Pt3


  1. 790 downloads ain't to be sniffed at.

    Yeah, the whole comments thing can be a bit of an issue, but there are a lot of reasons why people don't - rudeness being just one of them. Over at 'Burning Wood' (there's a link on my blog if you've never checked it out) Sal has been through the exact same thing, but his threat to pull the blog forced a bunch of lurkers to say hi. A lot of them said that they had nothing to say except 'thanks', which they thought was a bit weak. Maybe in our polite, tea drinking, crusts off the sandwiches world, that's enough...
    I'm downloading the Arbouretum post as I type. I was swayed by your passionate appraisal of the band and their lovely name - very English and pastoral.

    Keep on keeping on Mr D...the people love ya, but they're really, really shy....

  2. love the album ;) many thanks