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I undertake this venture knowing that I don't have the spare time to do it, but feel that these artists NEED TO BE HEARD (please excuse my shouting!). Or is that I think I need to be heard? Or that there are (or have been) some great music blogs that have inspired me to wanna jump on the bandwagon? Probably all of the above??I hope you enjoy the blog. If I turn one person onto these bands that turned me on then it will all have been worth it!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - B-side

Sometimes maintaining this blog feels like a pain in the butt! It's hard to find time to put in the effort that the music I post deserves.

And what the hell am I doing writing about these bands when I could actually be listening to their (or other bands) music. All good questions, dear reader, and questions I wrestle with every day! And no, I can't multi-task - I'm male after all!

My current thoughts are that I need to enjoy blogging  - otherwise it will be reflected in my posts. Or I'll just lose enthusiasm and end up on the scrapheap of former bloggers. So this post is an attempt to do something a little different for my own self indulgent purposes.

Normally when I start writing a post I pretty well know what I'm gonna say, and just sit down and regurgigate it onto the keyboard (no, not literally!). But this time I've had two different ideas on approaching the introduction to this post. They are both rubbish, but I will allow you, dear reader, to select your own introduction:

Intro 1: I have never been into the concept of "heroes". Maybe it says something about my perfectionist tendencies, but I can always find some flaw in anyone ascending the rocky road to herodom before they make it there. But the closest person I have to a hero is Nick Cave. And why hasn't he, of all people, crossed the great divide. Well....hmmm.....it's because he can't sing! And I'm sure he'd be the first to admit it. But everything else he does, he does spectacularly!!

Intro 2: There used to be (or still is?) a show on Australian TV called Rove, hosted by Rove McManus, who I've been told is funny - although I've seen little evidence of that myself. Rove used to (or still does?) ask his guests "who would you turn gay for." If he asked me, my answer would be Nick Cave! Hmm, or maybe AFL footballer Lance (Buddy) Franklin!!

OK, now that that's done...

I've recently been re-reading Ian Johnston's excellent 1995 Nick Cave biography Bad Seed, and listening to The Boys Next Door, The Birthday Party, and The Bad seeds albums as I read (i.e. I read, then I listen - as I said, I'm male). During this process I listened to the Red Right Hand CD single, which contains the gem I'm posting here, B-side. Instead of describing this track myself, I'll quote from Bad Seed:

'B-Side' is a 19-minute selection of 23 largely improvised, ad-libbed pieces of music recorded direct to DAT by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds in the past 2 years. The tune snippet titles are:

'God's Hotel', 'Do You Love Me?', 'Sugar-Coated Place Called Love', 'Kiss Me in the Morning', 'Nobody's Baby Now', 'A-Side', 'B-Side', 'C-Side', 'Loverman', 'Born To Be Your Loverman', 'Take The "0" Out Of Country', 'Jangling Jack', 'Sex Appeal', 'Where the Action Is', 'Blow That Babe Away', 'I Let Love In', 'Dadaladaladaladawn', 'Thirsty Dog', 'Man of Steel', 'It's a Crazy World', 'Ain't Gonna Rain Anymore', 'Sweet Maria', 'Lay Me Low', 'Vanilla Essence', 'Do You Love Me? (Part 2)'.

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - B-side


DISCLAIMER: the concept that women can multi-task and men can't is a myth! And this was told to me by a woman. Noone can multi-task. I only used this concept in my post for dramatic effect...........where's my medication, nurse?


  1. I think including both intros was the way to go- I liked em both. I often use I'd turn gay as a level of my admiration for an artist. Haven't read that bio, I'll have to pick up a copy.

  2. Thanks Adelle. But now I'm regretting not including that third intro.....

  3. Nice post. I like. More people should do this - include outtakes and amendments. Very interesting to see the workings.

  4. Thanks Murder Barn, and couldn't agree more. The closest we get to this from most bands is on expanded editions of albums released 20 years ago!