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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cardinal - Self titled

Cardinal was a collaboration between Australian Richard Davies and multi-instrumentalist Eric Matthews. Their debut self titled (and only) album is a great collection of ten short, sharp 3-min indie-pop songs that lasts for a tad over 30 minutes.

Cardinal played sublime guitar based orchestral indie-pop with a dark underbelly. The songs alternate between Davies' Bowie-esque and Matthews' smooth soulful vocals. The song writing is superb, and the vocal melodies are exquisite. Although the album was critically well received, you had to have your ear to the ground at the right time to catch it.

Opener If you believe in Christmas Trees, is subdued and sublime, featuring Davies vocals and Matthews violin and trumpet. Last poems, is mellow and succinct.

You've lost me now is the album's highlight. The song is built around piano and vocals, featuring heavenly vocal harmonies. Public Melody #1 is a short, dramatic interlude with a classical feel, featuring harpsichord and organ.

Dream Figure is sparse, dreamy, slowly building guitar pop, featuring great vocals from Matthews and superb vocal melodies. Tough guy tactics has a driving insistent beat, and is the closest the band get to rocking out. The slightly discordant music gives the impression the song may lurch out of control but never quite does (damn!).

The last three tracks are all sparse and subdued. Angel Darling features a Capella verses. Singing to the sunshine features vocals and acoustic guitar, while the albums second standout track, Silver Machines, has a psychedelic feel.

Davies and Matthews both went on to release solo albums after the demise of Cardinal. Matthews debut attracted a fair degree of interest - unfortunately not due to the album's heavenly orchestral pop, but because it represented Sub Pop first attempt to diversify from the grunge sound with which made it's name.

Cardinal was re-released in 2005 with 11 bonus tracks - and I'm embarrassed to admit I still haven't gotten my grubby hands on it....yet!

Cardinal - 1994 - Self titled

1. If You Believe in Christmas Trees
2. Last Poems
3. Big Mine
4. You've Lost Me There
5. Public Melody No. 1
6. Dream Figure
7. Tough Guy Tactics
8. Angel Darling
9. Singing to the Sunshine
10. Silver Machines



    I got into Cardinal via the first Eric Matthews solo release - the sublime 'It's Heavy In Here'. A bit of backtracking led me to their album and then to some wonderful Richard Davies solo stuff. I can really recommend 'Telegraph'.
    I'm ashamed to say I wasn't even aware that the Cardinal album had been reissued. I can feel an on-line purchase in my immediate future...

  2. Thanks Rushbo, and thanks for recommending Telegraph, which I haven't heard yet.

    And yes, I can feel an on-line purchase in my immediate future also...

  3. New to me. Snagged it- really enjoying it. 'Dream Figure' grabbed me the most I think. Thank you!

  4. Glad to have expanded your repertoire, Adelle - although you're still at least one up on me!

  5. Chalk up another reader turned onto another heretofore unknown group. DL'ed it, heard it twice now and really like the album.
    'You lost me there' really got my attention - Will be checking this group out more extensively.
    Thanks for posting this one.
    Regards, Dave.