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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wizzard promo

This may get me excommunicated from a certain torrent site, but WTF - it's worth it!

In response to Adelle's recent post on The Move, here is something special for Roy Wood devotees. The following is quoted directly from the torrent info file.... Enjoy!

Artist: Roy Wood's Wizzard
Date: 1974-xx-xx
Location: unknown
Venue: unknown
Source: Pre-FM
Lineage: Pre-FM Promo Reel (WRNO-FM)>cassette (freezer)>JVC XL-R5010 stand alone cd burner>1cdr(0)>1cdr(1)>eac>wav>flac
Transferred By: Mister Freezer
tracking and volume corrections applied to recording


01. Ball Park Incident
02. Forever
03. Salt Peanuts
04. This Is The Story Of My Love (Baby)
05. California Man
06. Eddy's Rock

Length: 25:44

Transfer of freezer's prefm cassette copy of this limited promo live recording done in advance of Roy Wood's Wizzard album Introducing Eddy And The Falcons. The album was tribute to 50's and early 60's rock and roll. This particular promo reel was sent out by United Artists to WRNO-FM in New Orleans. It is a fake live recording(studio but made to sound live). This recording has never been officially released. The only copy we know of as of this writing (june 2011) is an old bootleg pressing of a crappy over the air fm recording of this promo.


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