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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Straitjacket Fits - Hail

Some more Australasiana - if such a word exists...

I posted the Straitjacket Fits Blow back in February. It didn't receive the traction I felt it deserved, in terms of both downloads and comments. So here, dear reader, is your chance to make amends.

A quick recap....."The Fits" emerged from Dunedin, New Zealand. They released three great albums before disbanding in the mid 90s. Their debut album Hail was released in 1988. The album posted here is the 1990 re-release, comprising of the Life In One Chord EP and original debut album. Although they fit (groan) within the broad sphere of indie/alternative, The Fits had their own unique and diverse sound resulting from the differing contributions of their two songwriters:  Shayne Carter contributed the snap and crackle, while Andrew Brough provided the pop (groan). This is acknowledged in the sleeve notes of Hail, which almost apologetically refer to the "different flavours" of the music on offer - like that's a bad thing?

Opener Dialing a Prayer sets the scene well, alternating between pop, subdued and spooky, and psychedelic, and features some great guitar noise. Telling Tales and Dead Heat are more straightforward indie pop, while Hail is more raucous and discordant.

She Speeds is the standout track. The subdued verses build suspense until the song bursts to life in the choruses, eventually leading into a joyous bridge. Sparkle That Shines and Take From The Years are again more straightforward indie pop. So Long Marianne sounds like mid-sixties Stones.

Grate is a mid-tempo atmospheric track built on great (oh puhlease!) discordant distorted guitar riffing. Fabulous Things is a slow-tempo atmospheric pop reminiscent of their best known song, Down In Splendour. Life In One Chord is a great three minute blast of pure punk, featuring some great guitar noise.

Straitjacket Fits - 1990 - Hail

1. Dialling A Prayer
2. Telling Tales
3. Dead Heat
4. Hail
5. Only You Knew
6. She Speeds
7. Sparkle That Shines
8. Take From The Years
9. So Long Marianne
10. Grate
11. Fabulous Things
12. All That That Brings
13. Life In One Chord
14. This Taste Delight



  1. Hey - you made my night . Just found this after spending a looong time trying to find this album. Saw shayne playing his old stuff inWelly a couple of months ago abd remembered how good this early stuff was. Primo!

  2. Hey Jimbo, up made my week - finally a positive response to a Fits post! Criminally under-rated band IMO.

  3. Thanks for this upload. It's a hard one to find .

  4. What an astonishingly cool blog. Thanks for this, and all the other treats you have scattered around. -- Murf

  5. Any chance of re-upping the flac?