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Saturday, September 24, 2011

American Music Club - Mercury

By now you've probably all heard that REM are going to split?

If you're expecting a eulogy, or a heartfelt tribute about how influential the band has been for me, you've come to the wrong place. Rushbo has done a better job of that than I'd be able to manage!

Instead, my reaction to this news is to post an album by American Music Club!

Why, I hear you ask? Because I believe there is a parallel universe somewhere where REM are an obscure alternative band, while AMC are HUGE!

Inside Chateau de Dodger, REM and AMC are on an equal footing - untouchables!

And if you need any justification or support for this notion, I again refer you to Rushbo.

This post presents the Mercury LP. This contains arguably their most well known (and my favorite) AMC track, Johnny Mathis’ Feet. For sure, the orchestration is cheesy and schmaltzy, and your grandma would probably dig it, but it's a songwriting tour de force, both musically and lyrically. In particular, the lyrics

Johnny looked at my old collection of punk rock posters
Anonymous scenes of disaffection choas and torture
And he said, "You were on the right track
But you're a lamb jumping for the knife." 

kill me every time. While they are too close to home, the thought that Johnny Mathis could utter such lines is almost the coolest thing imaginable!

The remainder of the album is a superb collection of ballads (Gratitude Walks,  I’ve Been a Mess, The Hopes and Dreams), pop (If I Had a Hammer, Over and Done), and heavier songs (Challenger, Keep Me Around ), which give the band a chance to flex their muscles. And all tracks are lyrically superb. Hell, there is even an ambient track (More Hopes and Dreams) - what more can you ask for?

American Music Club - 1993 - Mercury

01. Gratitude Walks
02. If I Had a Hammer
03. Challenger
04. I’ve Been a Mess
05. Hollywood 4-5-92
06. What Godzilla Said to God When His Name Wasn’t Found in the Book of Life
07. Keep Me Around
08. Dallas, Airports, Bodybags
09. Apology for an Accident
10. Over and Done
11. Johnny Mathis’ Feet
12. The Hopes and Dreams of Heaven’s 10,000 Whores
13. More Hopes and Dreams
14. Will You Find Me?



  1. oh stewardess won't you bring me
    oh stewardess won't you bring me
    oh stewardess won't you bring me

  2. Thanks bedlam! You've made me the happiest hot potato on the plane!

    But hey, get widda program, dude...stewardess won't you *fix* me....some mercury!

  3. ah shit! shouldn't post when i'm outta shape!

  4. This is the stuff!
    My first AMC album and probably my favourite. 'I've been a mess' is a motherfudgin' masterpiece....

  5. Too right Rushbo! Twas my first AMC album also.

  6. i've been praying a lot lately... it's because I no longer have a tv