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Monday, September 12, 2011

Eels - Rotten World Blues

On the subject of bonus CD's accompanying Australian releases, here's the Rotten World Blues EP, which accompanied the Australian version of the Souljacker LP.

It's a nice mixture of oddball songs that didn't fit in with the rest of Souljacker.

The title track is a killer, which eventually made it's way onto the excellent odds and sods release Useless Trinkets. In some ways it summarises the whole Eels ethos: accept life's a bitch, and get on with it!

I Write The B-Sides is a whimsical look at being the being the poster boy of the depressive set: "I write the b-sides, that make a small portion of the world cry. I like the seaside, and singing songs that make you not wanna die!"

Eels - 1992 - Rotten World Blues

01 - I Write The B-Sides
02 - Hidden track
03 - Jehovah's Witness
04 - Rotten World Blues



  1. I got about 20 seconds into the tune, then hit the 'download' button.
    Very, very cool... good work Mr D