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Monday, September 19, 2011

Therapy? - Troublegum

This is a great album for so many different reasons.

I can listen to in any mood - from punk and belligerent to introspective - and dig it!

It has pop-tastic tunes that are as infectious as <insert your favorite venereal disease here>: the superb Die Laughing, and the singles Nowhere and Screamager.

It has songs that rock your socks off: Stop It Your Killing Me, Femtex and Trigger Inside. 

It has psychosis: Knives, Trigger Inside and Unrequited.
It has malevolence: Turn, Unbeliever and Hellbelly.

It also features the feral vocals of the fantastic Lesley (Fat Axl) Rankine on Lunacy Booth.

It also features my favorite Joy Division cover - Isolation. It satisfies the major Dodger criteria for the perfect cover - i.e. it adds to the original without losing anything.

And it ends with (an uncredited) You are My Sunshine - what more can you ask for?

The lyrics focus on the trials and tribulations of being an outcast, but maintain a sense of humor that engenders sympathy and avoids melodrama (e.g. "Here comes a girl with perfect teeth, I know she won't be smiling at me, I know how Jeffrey Dahmer feels."). And some of the lyrics make killer soundbites: "masturbation saved my life", "reveal yourself to me, like cheap pornography".

Troublegum is a rarity - an album by a band simultaneously at their commercial and creative peak.

Therapy? - 1994 - Troublegum

1. Knives
2. Screamager
3. Hellbelly
4. Stop It You're Killing Me
5. Nowhere
6. Die Laughing
7. Unbeliever
8. Trigger Inside
9. Lunacy Booth
10. Isolation
11. Turn
12. Femtex
13. Unrequited
14. Brainsaw


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